Tell your story.
Right now.

Tell your story.
Right now. 

Why not write that book jam-packed with the blood, sweat, and joys of your career? Do you want to go all-out with an ebook for that real estate project? You're brimming with family stories. No more stalling.

haven't you waited long enough?

Ready to start?

Storytelling can be difficult and incredible. It takes time to do that thing. It’s all in—conducting interviews, researching, outlining, crafting sentences, shaping paragraphs, rewriting. If the process overwhelms you, invite us to listen to you, the artist.

Follow your words. Not the crowd. Start writing. With us.

You don't have to write solo.

We enjoy layered stories. Stories you pull apart like stacked frosted cakes and dissect like Mom’s Thanksgiving cornbread dressing. Wonders happen with the stroke of a pen or the click of a mouse.

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Get unstuck. You know who you are. Authors who need book consulting. Authors who need ghostwriters. Dreamers who want to publish works like a motivational book, business reflections, cookbook or family history. 

what we offer:

the help you need


You need content. Like yesterday. You have more deadline requirements than employees. Take that weight off. Let us write your ebooks, sales materials, technical documentation, and more.

we can tell you how


Not only are we digital scribes, we offer a second set of eyes. If you like this metaphor better, we’re the sous chef in your content kitchen. We’ll throw down with the editing like you want it. Mild. Medium. Spicy.

Let's team up


Some authors need editors to boost their stories so they soar. Others long for Cyrano de Bergerac to pen their tale. Which one are you? No judgment. Even with our help, you’re always the Storyteller in Chief.






The results you can aim for:

How does this sound?

Showing off that family history with love

sharing your leadership lessons and changing the world

 Wooing new customers, followers, and fans

Taking a bow when your blogs and newsletters sparkle

Positioning yourself as the expert in your industry

go for it

A one-on-one meeting gives you a chance to see if we can be a dream team.

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Imagine where old journals, dusty cassette tapes, notes, and scraps of paper can take you.

share your story

Know where you're going when you write.  We create a roadmap together. 

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so, let's start the music!

“I  am always amazed at how judith guides an author from idea to publication. Her vision is her superpower.” 

- publisher

 Writing begins in solitude and can end with a raving audience. Readers can’t imagine how they managed before you wrote a word. Let that sink in. When racing toward your dreams, never quitting, those needing each syllable you write cheer at the finish.  

Writing can be a sprint, a marathon, a wobble, a crawl. You do you. Whatever your racing lane, lean in. Breathe hard. Smart, bold moves always win. 

writing stamina starts here

I started in daily newspapers and traveled many roads after that. Blogging. Content for marketing campaigns. Real estate materials. Technical documentation. A fantasy novel series. From those experiences,  Daybreak Lit was born.  

Writing is a craft. A task. A wandering companion. A gift. 

Sometimes you write in the dark. A glimmer of ideas guide you before the words cream into an icky mush. You vow never to write again. At Daybreak Lit, we walk alongside you in the dark and during the glimmer because after the drafts, after the broken promises to yourself, the glory of a finished writing project lies ahead. Trust us. The word “done” feels so good.

Writing is multidimensional

here for you!

You need content producers you can rely on. Hullo! We're here.

transform stories into jewels

Yes, stories are everywhere. They’re hiding in the expertly arranged room of an interior designer, in a salesperson’s colorful chatter, in the pages of Grandma’s scrapbook, and among the hymnals and bingo tables in a church basement. Where do your stories hide? Do you call them junk and not prose?  

Let's do this.

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